Four Places For A Bite To Eat When You’re In Fort Washington MD

You are a hop, skip and a jump away from DC if you are in Fort Washington MD. That being said, you could essentially travel into the nation’s capital for a meal if you so desired. Yet there are plenty of good restaurants in Fort Washington, too. Here are four of those picks that you might want to take a closer look out when you are planning on dining out in the area.

The food at Legacy Carryout & Catering looks delicious. The place is located at 10909 Livingston Road, and the crab fries and shrimp po boy are two of the menu favorites. The restaurant is said to feature a pleasant atmosphere, and it is also mentioned that the place is busy quite often. If you are up for another recommendation, the crab cake sandwich is also a hit according to the reviews.

Do you like ribs and delicious barbecue? If so, you might decide to stop in at Smokehouse Ribs Restaurant. Located at 9119 Livingston Road, Smokehouse Ribs Restaurant is not just about barbeuce, although that is its claim to fame. The peach cobbler for dessert is also said to be delicious, and the place is known for its fried fish, too.

This next restaurant pick is really unique. Kabayan Filipino-American Restaurant is located at 9223 Oxon Hill Road. You can expect grand portion sizes, and a couple of the dishes you might want to try are the pansit palabok and the crispy plata. The chicken and beef adobo is another popular choice. As a bonus pick, people say there is a Mexican restaurant right next door if that is the cuisine you’re craving.

The last pick for this short list of dining establishments in Fort Washington is Luming’s. Luming’s is located at 9201 Livingston Road. Guess what, this restaurant is also known for serving up Filipino cuisine. You have two great cultural stops to make if you are up for trying out new food. People say that you can expect home-cooked food at this place, so maybe it’s an even better choice than the other one.

You might have to stop by both Filipino restaurants so that you can make a solid comparison. The other two picks are great, too. If you are in the area and are planning a special event, remember that the first restaurant mentioned also provides catering services. And I bet those crab fries are delicious.